How I Pack My Orders (small business edition!)

As I recently launched my own jewellery business, I've created a lot of video content for the way I package my products and these have been very popular. But I've not been able to go into a lot of detail when it comes to the methods I use, the shops I get my supplies from… Continue reading How I Pack My Orders (small business edition!)

Introducing My Jewellery Line (Pt 1)

For my small but dedicated WordPress audience, I'd like to introduce my jewellery line which has launched today: Sapphirine Jewellery. They're affordable, high-quality and very stylish pieces, if I do say so myself! I love every single piece for different reasons; some have party-vibes and others are simpler pieces for everyday wear. They're all so… Continue reading Introducing My Jewellery Line (Pt 1)

Funky earring styles to spice up any outfit

There are so many ways to spice up an outfit; one way being with very eye-catching earrings. If your outfit is simple or if you feel under-dressed, just add some funky jewellery and it'll look like you spent hours choosing your look! Here's some inspo: Subdued colours One way to approach this style is to… Continue reading Funky earring styles to spice up any outfit