This blog is dedicated to many things, but mostly growth, beauty and spirituality. Mixing beauty, femininity and spirituality can often be a confusing journey, and it can be hard to find the balance between dedicating time to ones inner self, dedicating time to ones outer self and dedicating time to others. As I often argue with my sister: Isn’t self-care just as important as saving the world? Must one cancel the other out? Time dedicated selfishly on yourself is not time wasted or time that could have been used better; it is the first step to expanding our help to others in the healthiest and most sustainable way.


The many topics and conversations which I will touch upon in this blog are heavily influenced by who I am as a person and the way I way brought up. So let me introduce myself properly: I’m Nilam. I’m a 20 year old Muslim with an interesting background; I’m half Pakistani, half Moroccan. Born and raised in Paris, France, I’ve lived the majority of my life in the UK. This background has given me a very wide range of perspectives and ideas on everything from immigration to culture, religion, beauty, language and music, which I love to discuss. I’m a Virgo (August ganggg) which makes me a tough person on the outside but sensitive in the inside. I’m very observant, especially when it comes to human interaction and behaviour, which is where the majority of my thoughts come from. Oh, and I unhealthily obsessed with books; I’m currently reading ‘Bloody Foreigners, the story of immigration to Britain’.


I have a genuine love for jewellery; I can never get over the way it feels to find a piece of jewellery that you love and which suits you, or the way you can look so more more glamorous with a simple accessory around your neck or on your ears. It really can boost your confidence massively, as well as turning your outfit from a thoughtless combination of clothes to a planned and effortlessly composed masterpiece. Did she mean to wear a plain black t-shirt and plain black trousers with black shoes? Of course she did! Her jewellery matches her outfit beautifully, clearly she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing when it comes to her wardrobe.

I will soon be opening my jewellery store and it’ll easily be accessible from this blog. Please check it out if you’re interested!