How I Pack My Orders (small business edition!)

As I recently launched my own jewellery business, I’ve created a lot of video content for the way I package my products and these have been very popular. But I’ve not been able to go into a lot of detail when it comes to the methods I use, the shops I get my supplies from etc … so I’ve decided to write a step-by-step blog post about this process so that I can dive into more detail about the how and the why of it all.

NOTE: the packaging I chose is neither the cheapest way, nor the quickest way to go about this. I love spending time on each order to make sure I can give the most quality to my customers, and to make sure that I’m giving a reason for my customers to buy from me again. Having said that, let’s dive into it:

1. Postal Boxes

I buy black A6 postal boxes from Tiny Box Company which cost £0.70 each (plus shipping). This company is UK based so the shipping costs are low and it only takes a few working days for them to deliver, which is super handy when you’re stressing out about things arriving on time! These are great as they count as a small package when it comes to shipping, but they can pack so much in them; I can fit more than 10 orders in here if necessary.

As you can see in the picture, they come as flat boxes which can be very easily and quickly assembled.

2. Shredded Tissue Paper

My next step is to half fill this box with shredded tissue paper, to protect the items inside if the box is thrown around or dropped whiles it’s being shipped. This adds the perfect amount of cushioning for a cheap price; substituting this for bubble wrap would look tacky, and buying enough tissue paper to create the same level of layering would be too expensive (and would look a bit odd …)

I get this shredded tissue paper from Ebay for £17 (for 1 kg, which is enough for about 100 postal boxes). The best thing about this is that it comes in different colours, so you can get the colours that match the theme of your shop. Personally, my main colours are beige and black, so I bought the beige colour to make my brand look that much more put together and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Earring Card Holders

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that not only was I on a budget, but I also wanted to get this business opened up as soon as possible (I was 2 months of preparations in). I had ordered customised earring card holders in white, but when they came, I realised that I didn’t like the quality at all as they were too thin and they looked badly cut out. I debated what to do for a long time, as I was scared that non-customised earring holders would look tacky, but I also had to keep in mind that ordering custom ones would take well over two weeks to arrive. I debated this issue for a long time, but after having another quick look at packaging ideas on Pinterest, I realised that plain earring holders didn’t look unprofessional at all if the rest of the packaging was well done.

I hopped onto amazon, hoping to find something that could be delivered the next day via Prime. I quickly found these, absolutely loved the square patterns and glossy finish, realised that they cost £8.99 for about 200 and that they could be here the next day, and I quickly ordered them! Let’s not forget that black looks great with my beige and black theme, so I was over the moon when I found these.

Long story short, keeping things simple is ok if everything is high-quality and well presented over all!

4. Customised Jewellery Pouches

These customised pouches have led to a lot of questions, which I can finally fully answer! I buy these from Etsy, from a seller called PureCottonPackaging. I love the quality and they were one of the cheapest options I could find on the net. These come in beige or white, but other pouches from their store come in lots of other pretty colours such as dusty pink and black (mine are beige). 100 of these with shipping cost me £101 roughly.

A word of warning though – the sellers are based in China, which means that communication with them can be a little difficult at times and shipping is pricey (£16). However, despite the quick shipping (4 days), it took about 3 weeks for me to receive these from the date that I placed my order. I’m not sure if production took a long time or if they weren’t processed quickly, but this made the buying experience a bit stressful.

Either way, I will most likely buy from there again as I haven’t found anywhere else that sells a product this good for the price, so I’ll just need to keep the time factor in mind next time.

5. Hand-Written Thank You Note

I spent a long time thinking of how I could make the unwrapping experience very special and personalised for each customer; I saw tons of youtube videos where sellers wrote thank you notes for their customers, but it always seemed to be an afterthought; it was either written on the receipt, on the packaging or on a post-it note. I wanted something that would mean a lot to my customer, so I hopped onto Etsy to see what I could find.

I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for; cute, well designed thank you cards which also incorporated aspects of a business card (ie social media links and store URL). I realised that I could easily design one myself instead of paying for the design AND for the printing, so I went onto and designed a similar thank you card with all the right details and colours etc …

I then downloaded my designs and went on to upload them and get them printed and sent to me. This cost me around £30 as I payed for the highest card thickness possible, a glossy finish and a double-sided design. On the front side were the words THANK YOU printed in large, and on the reverse I put my logo, store URL, Instagram username and Facebook username. I left a large space in the middle to be able to write a note by hand, which made is exactly why I wanted to have a separate thank you card in the first place.

6. Tape

Have I mentioned that I was on a budget?

A much as I would have LOVED to have customised tape, this was way out of my budget. I therefore decided on this super cute kraft tape from Etsy which cost £4.99 (and is recyclable!). It says PRETTY THINGS INSIDE which I thought was perfect for my jewellery, and it’s very sturdy and easy to cut by hand when quickly wrapping orders.

7. Lastly … The Address Labels

Again, I really wanted a cheap, personalised way of adding the address on each parcel. I had received many parcels, and I noticed that they all had either a handwritten name and address (which looked messy and unprofessional) or a printed label (a bit boring in my opinion).

So I jumped onto (of course, where else) and looked up address labels. I had already bought sticky labels (2 per A4 sheet) off amazon so I just needed to find a way the names and address onto there.

I found the perfect template that I loved and tried printing it out on one of the sheets of labels, and to my surprise, it looked really good! I had to cut it out of course as there was lots of white space around the customer address design and the returns address design, but this only took a minute or so and soon I had a personalised address and name on the top of my boxes, with space to pop a stamp right next to it.

NOTE: I know that this method of printing the address is pricey (ink-wise) and time consuming, so I don’t suggest anybody with a large amount of orders do this. However, if you’re just starting out like me and you can afford this extra little luxury, I would highly recommend doing it as it’s the very first thing customers notice when receiving the box, and it can make the world of a difference to see that the business you’re giving your money too really cares about you!

So there you you have it! How I pack my orders, which I’ve received some very positive feedback from customers about! Every single one has loved the packaging as well as the jewellery inside, which I’m so happy about. I hope you take something from this post if you’re stuck with packaging, or if you need ideas for future projects.

Lots of love to you all xx

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