Funky earring styles to spice up any outfit

There are so many ways to spice up an outfit; one way being with very eye-catching earrings. If your outfit is simple or if you feel under-dressed, just add some funky jewellery and it’ll look like you spent hours choosing your look! Here’s some inspo:

Subdued colours

One way to approach this style is to put on earrings that have an eye-catching style and a bold pattern, but which also have a simple colour scheme. For example, these earrings have a bold style with rocks in the middle and a beautiful gold entourage, but the colour scheme is beige and gold, therefor they doesn’t stand out too much. A perfect accessory for a simpler yet noticeable look.

Bolder colours

Another approach would be a pair of earrings which immediately attract the eye. These have the exact design as the first, but the emerald colours paired with the gold make it a much bolder accessory. Best paired with an all black outfit for maximum effect, it can easily take your outfit from plain and unplanned to bold and confident.

Go big or go home

Another bright idea (get it … bright … lol) are HUGE earrings! These cannot be ignore no matter what you do, but they probably aren’t best worn with just casual jeans and a top. If your outfit is tipping on the fancier side of the scale, you can top it off these babies or anything similar (big chunky hoops works too!) and some gem-like rings maybe? Great shoes to top off the outfit and you’re ready to steal the spotlight.

Pearls and diamonds

Why not take a style which might not be the trendiest, but which brings back an era of shine and femininity. A pair of pearl hoops with encrusted diamonds are a perfect way of adding colour, personality and confidence to your outfit. They’re impossible to ignore and go so beautifully with a nude/white colour schemed outfit, no matter how simple or underdressed. Just try and see!

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations! If you’re interested in purchasing the first three suggestions, head over to my instagram at @sapphirinebynilam where my shop is launching soon. Give me a follow in the mean time!

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