Less is more? Exploring modesty and individuality

When it comes to self-expression, there are endless ways to show the world who we are.

There are an endless number of ways for people to express their individuality, and I think we can agree that the way we chose to beautify ourselves is one of the most common forms of it. Anything from clothing, jewellery and make-up can be used as a form of expression.

The items you wear can make also have a huge impact on your self-esteem and how beautiful you find yourself when you look in the mirror. I certainly know that I spent my whole life thinking I had the ugliest fingers because they weren’t thin and dainty, but when I started wearing rings I suddenly found my hands so beautiful and feminine. It really can have a huge impact and everyone should develop the confidence to wear external items which compliments their inner beauty.

Hope you enjoy my attempt at an aesthetic photoshoot 🙂
This is the usual style of wearing a hijab; it covers the hair, neck and sometimes the chest area too.

As a Muslim girl, there have always been certain restrictions on how far I could go in terms of beautifying myself externally; and as beautiful as it is for Islam to encourage internal spirituality over external vanity, it does mean that I am a late bloomer when it comes to make-up, jewellery and fashion. Finding that delicate balance between being myself and feeling beautiful, whiles also dressing in a way that pleases God, has been an interesting journey and it will continue to evolve and change until I die. There is no end to trying to develop a better relationship with God whiles also living your life in this world and trying to find your identity as a human.

Finding different ways to style jewellery whiles keeping a modest fashion-style can be a source of conflict in itself. How do you remain modest, which in itself means to not attract attention to yourself, whiles also expressing your individuality through clothing and jewellery, which attracts attention to who you are? Hmmmn …

This style of hijab is called a turban and has become very trendy in the past few years. It’s also quite controversial as it covers less skin and hair than the typical style of hijab, therefor it can be interpreted as less ‘modest’.

Maybe the key is to think about this in a different way. Modesty doesn’t have to be a synonym for not existing, or as the internet seems to think, a synonym for ‘plainness’, ‘shyness’ and ‘smallness’. Instead, we could think of modesty as ‘less is more’; we don’t have to prove ourselves so extravagantly to the world because we have the self-love and unshakable assurance that we are more than enough. We have no competition with the women around us, and our only enemy is our ego and insecurities; once those are conquered, nothing can stand in our way.

So you see, the concept of concentrating on our inner strength instead of our external appearance can lead to winning on both turfs; one must simply water a different part of themselves and watch the flowers slowly bloom.

I have personally found it incredibly beneficial to not concentrate too much on how I look, but rather constantly ask myself “could I be kinder?” “could I use my time more efficiently throughout the day?” “could I be more open-minded to others’ struggles?” and so on. Expressing oneself through physical ornaments and clothing is beautiful, but also expressing oneself through actions and thoughts is inspiring and life-changing. One form of expression isn’t complete without the other; they balance each other out to give the very best outcome possible.

Thank you for your time, hope to see you next time! Please comment any thoughts, I’d love to see what you think.

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